Best Web Hosting Features

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It goes without saying that having good quality web hosting for your website or blog is very important for many different reasons. What might be hard to know are exactly what the best web hosting features are that you should look for when you are shopping around for a web hosting service for your site.


Having some good features that come with your web hosting service can make a lot of different things easier for you and they can help make the tasks of taking care of your site, its needs and its maintenance much easier.

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While different people and different types of websites and blogs will have varying needs and requirements, there are some web hosting features that are good to have for all people and sites that would be using a particular hosting service.


Even though you may not have ever heard of many web hosting companies that are out there, right now there are thousands of different web hosting service providers in the world. Some are smaller hosts and some are giants in the industry that you have probably heard of before.

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Below, we will list some of the best web hosting features that you should look for when you are shopping around for web hosting for your website or blog. We have also given a brief description and some reasons what that particular feature is important for a web hosting service to have.


If you do not find all of the web hosting features that we are listing at a particular web host that you are considering to host your site with then keep looking until you find these important web hosting features.

best hosting features,best web hosting features

Best Web Hosting Features


Good Customer Support / Technical Support – This one is quite probably the most important feature to look for in a potential web hosting service provider. At some point everyone, no matter what your skill level with hosting and websites might be, is going to need support. When that time comes you don’t want to find out that you host has bad support.


There should be support available 24/7 so that no matter what time of day or night it is, you will have access to support when you need it. The support should be fast and resolve any issues that you might have, quickly and accurately.


An Easy to Use Control Panel – You will probably need to do different things for your site through the web hosting control panel for your hosting account so you will want to make sure that the control panel that a web hosts has is easy to use and do any needed upkeep, backups and other tasks that are needed.


If you are not sure if the control panel that a particular host has then do some research and find out what other people are saying about it to see if it is one that should be easy for you to use.


High Uptime – The only way that people can get to your website or blog is for it not to be down when they are trying to access it. If a host has a lot of downtime then that will hurt the success of your site as well as its rankings in the search engines.


A good host will have a high uptime guarantee so that if there is an amount of downtime that exceeds their guarantee, you are compensated for the downtime in some way.


Money-Back Guarantee – There are times when a web host might seem like a good one to use but after you have bought your hosting plan you find out that they are not a good host. Any reputable web hosting provider will stand behind their service and should offer some kind of money-back guarantee so that you can get a refund if needed and find another hosting service somewhere else.


Reasonable Prices – The web hosting industry is so competitive that you should be able to find a web host that has reasonable pricing for their services. If you think that a web host is on the expensive side then look around and compare prices with what you are getting for your money.


Don’t look at pricing as a deciding factor alone because you will want to make sure that the host has good services. Trying to get the cheapest web host that you can find will often get you into using a poor hosting service.


Look at what you are getting for your money and compare specs and features because most of the extremely inexpensive web hosts are cutting corners somewhere to keep their prices as low as possible.


Migration / Website Move Services – If you have an existing site that you will be moving to a new host then check to see if they offer free or inexpensive migration services. If you don’t have a website or blog that you will be moving to a new hosting service then this is a feature that you don’t need to worry about.


Good Resources – Make sure that any hosting provider that you are considering using has enough resources so that your site will function and operate properly. Thing like having enough disk space and an adequate amount of bandwidth are very important.


Good Email Services – Make sure that any hosting service you are thinking about using has an amount of email mailboxes that will cover your needs. Also make sure that they have email forwarders and autoresponders if those are things that you may need.

web hosting features,hosting features

There are some other features that may be important for your specific needs, depending on your type of website but the features that we have listed above are the best web hosting features that most people should look for in any web hosting service that they are thinking about using.


If you are not sure if a web host has any of these web hosting features or any others that you may need then you can ask any host that you are considering using through their live chat or other support methods. Most web hosting companies are eager to answer any presale questions that you might have because that are wanting to try to gain you as a customer.


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