Why Good Web Hosting Matters

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You might wonder why does good web hosting matter. Good web hosting is about a whole lot more than just getting your web pages up on the internet for every one to see and getting people to visit your website or blog.


Good web hosting also includes a number of different functions that improve Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short), enhance the overall user experience of your website, and help keep your website and your data safe and secure.


top reasons why good web hosting matters,why good web hosting is important

Here are the top 5 reasons why good web hosting matters to your business website, online store, blog or any other website.


1. Good Web Hosting Improves Your Website Rankings

Did you know that the quality of your web hosting has a direct impact on how search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank your website? Since 2010, Google has been penalizing sites with slow load speeds by moving them down in their search rankings. If your site’s poor web hosting results in load times greater than the standard 2 second cut-off point, Google doesn’t want to direct users to your site because recommending a badly hosted site will reflect poorly on Google.


To make matters worse, because Google’s latest ranking algorithms place a lot of emphasis on how long a visitor spends on your website, bad web hosting can result in a double blow to your site ranking as slow page load speeds chase users away from your website. Fortunately, you can recover from this by getting better hosting and developing a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan to climb back up in the search rankings. Never underestimate how important website speed is!


2. Good Web Hosting Protects Your Website

Bargain web hosting often comes with a bare-bones set of features and may not include security options or backup services. This leaves the host’s servers (and therefore your website and any data you collect from your site) vulnerable to attack by hackers and viruses. Without a backup service, you risk losing your data if the server becomes compromised due to attack or to equipment failure. A good web hosting package will include security features as well as an automatic backup system that you can configure to suit your website’s needs.


3. Good Web Hosting Improves the Website User Experience

Your website’s visitors do not want to wait for your site’s pages to load! While poor hosting can result in slow page loads, slow server response, or even a site crash due to a lack of bandwidth or to excessive traffic on a shared server, good hosting provides a reliably fast and an enjoyable experience for the user’s browsing your site. The best web hosts promise ample bandwidth and 99.99% uptime, meaning that there is only the tiniest chance that your site will ever be unavailable due to a server issue.


4. Good Web Hosting Puts Website Stats at Your Fingertips

A high-quality web hosting package will give you the ability to view important stats about your website, including site visits, page views, etc. from a convenient, user-friendly control panel. This improves your ability to keep on top of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. You can constantly monitor the website to see where and how improvements can be made to enhance the website user experience, draw more traffic to your site, and convert more visitors to customers if your website is a business website.


5. Good Web Hosting Gives You Flexibility

Another reason that hosting matters is that good hosting packages often come with lots of extra tools or plugins that can help you add apps and other features to your website. Good hosting typically supports all the latest versions of the major programming languages and is compatible with Linux-based software and components as well. Plus, good web hosting allows you to quickly implement changes to your site content, which gives you additional flexibility for serving your website viewers better.


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