Do You Really Need a .Com Domain?

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Many years ago there were many huge benefits to having a .com domain rather than using an alternative domain extension like .net, .org, .info and other .com domain alternatives. Many different things have changed since those times so now having a .com domain does not have those benefits.


One of the key reasons why having a .com domain name was so beneficial was that a very large number of people were actually typing in the domain name of a website or blog site that they were wanting to visit and typing “.com” was the default extension that people would type in, even if the site they wanted to visit was not using a .com domain.


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In those days past there were a lot of people typing the wrong domain extension and winding up on the .com version of the domain that they were actually trying to get to.


As an example, if you had an online e-commerce (Electronic Commerce) website that was selling shoes and it was using “”, there would be many people that would type in “” by accident.

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There are many reasons for this including the fact that so many people, especially in the older generations, are so used to typing .com that they would type it as a reflex action without even realizing that they were typing in the wrong domain extension.


Another reason is that when people tell each other about a website that they are trying to send someone to for whatever reason they either might not even mention the domain extension that the website is using or the person that someone is giving a website address to doesn’t take in the extension of the domain.


Using the same example domain that was stated above, “”, someone telling someone about the website or the person being told about the website would often only give or hear the “reallycoolshoes” part and then type in .com after that name out of a habit.


These days things have changed drastically and it is usually rare for people to actually wind up on the wrong website because most people these days are either following links that people sent them in a text, they saw or got from a social media website share, they got through an email, they saw in a search result on Google, Bing or another search engine website or any number of other similar methods.


It is actually uncommon for people to actually type a domain name into their search browser these days versus the days of years past. Just think about how often you actually type in a domain name for a website that you have not been to before or don’t have saved in your bookmarks other than those sites that you go to regularly.




So as you can see and hopefully better understand, having a .com domain name does not have the same benefits that it used to have years ago.


These days you can have most any domain extension that you want without losing your site visitors or potential site visitors to the .com version of your domain name.


You now have the freedom from using a .com domain without suffering a loss of traffic just because you are using another domain extension. It is now possible to simply find a good quality domain name using any domain extension that is appropriate and that fits your particular needs.


So go out and find a good domain and rest easy knowing the domain extension that you use will not affect the success of your site.


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